Where Should Your Next Mission Trip Be To?

A mission trip gives Christians a chance to make a difference in the communities around them and beyond. Going to countries that are in need, to help and share God’s love is the main goal of a mission trip. There are many places around the world that need the help of mission work, whether it be in Latin America or in your own backyard.

Central America

Central America has many countries that could use the help of missionaries. The wet season here causes floods and hurricanes that destroy many homes. This creates a need for building and restoration projects. Also, missionaries often visit the many orphanages to spend time sharing the gospel with the kids.


Haiti is a small, tropical country with rising poverty rates and a large number of orphaned children. Haiti has had its fair share of natural disasters. It has suffered cyclones, hurricanes, tropical storms, torrential rains, floods, and earthquakes. All these disasters either end in uninhabitable cities, injuries, or even deaths of many people. There is a strong need for food, water, healthcare, education, and building projects. There are many companies providing help. One company, Healing Haiti, sends people on mission trips to improve the lives of the people living in these disaster-stricken areas.   

Countries Where Christianity Is Not the Primary Religion

There are some countries that don’t consider Christianity a primary religion. No matter what religion the country is known for, there is still a need for mission work. The mission trip could simply be to have bible studies with orphans and spread the love of God. There are areas in Africa, India, and China that could benefit from a mission trip. The purpose of a mission trip is to create a life-changing experience for the community, no matter what the community believes in.

Your Home Country

A helping-hand doesn’t have to go across the world to make a change. There are plenty of projects that can be done around you and are just as rewarding as going around the globe. Participate in a project by building or repairing a house for someone who can’t afford it or who physically cannot do it themselves. This can still spread God’s love even if it doesn’t seem like it’s going very far. In the end, every bit helps.


If you want to read more about why you should take a mission trip, check out Glenn Duker’s Blog, Reasons Why You Should Go On A Mission Trip.

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