The Most Common Things That Can Distract You From God

The best way to solve a problem is to admit there is one. There are many distractions in our lives such as our jobs, relationships, and even ourselves. A lot of these are not problems themselves and only become a problem when they start distracting us from God. These days we have so many things fighting for our time and attention and sometimes we allow them to take it. It’s then when we lose our focus on God. Here’s a list of some common things that can distract us from our journey with God.


Of course, we need money to survive in this world but letting the love of money consume our lives is taking away from our focus on God. We only need a certain amount of money to survive, then it becomes the comfort of having the means to afford whatever you want. It’s very tempting but do not let this overwhelm you.


Working overlaps with money in many ways. The main reason why you work is to earn money. If you want more money you will work more and have less time. This will engulf your life in a never-ending cycle of only worrying about your paycheck. You may think you need to work long hours to survive this world but you must trust in God and that He’ll take care of you. Don’t go and quit your job but realize you need to make more time for what really matters.


This is one of the biggest distractions you see daily. Internet, television, music, video games, and more distract us and consumes most people. After a long day at work, most people come home to watch tv, go on social media, listen to music, and do not realize this time could be used to be with God. We think we need to keep up with the current trends and styles and have it influence our lives. You don’t have to completely give up any of these activities but limit your time doing them.


Going to church doesn’t necessarily mean you are walking with God. It can actually. In a way, hinder your relationship with him. This comes from people focus on pursuing church and not God Himself. It’s easy to say “I go to Church every week” but are not sincere at other times. The Lord is looking for those who love him not just in spirit and in truth but in sincerity.


Relationships include your family, friends, coworker, and significant others. It is in our nature to connect with others but sometimes it can become more important to us than God. Typically the relationship that can be the biggest distraction from God is a significant other. These relationships usually demand more time and if your significant other does not walk the same path to God as you, it can be difficult. Don’t let your relationship hinder yours with God and don’t compromise your morals. Anyone in your life worth being there will see how important this is to you and support you in your walk with God as a spirit-filled person.


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