Famous Lawyers and Solicitors of the Small Screen

A few months back we looked at some of the most well known lawyers and solicitors on the big screen . From Atticus Finch to Erin Brockovich, these characters have conveyed the essence of what it means to be a lawyer and why so many, like solicitor Glenn Duker, choose to practise law.

These days however, the small screen is the new big screen, with Hollywood’s most fascinating characters being written for television rather than cinema. Lawyers have been a staple of television drama and comedy since TV began, so let’s take a look at some of the most famous lawyers of TV.


The early years of TV

Perry Mason was a US TV series that ran from 1957-1966. The titular character was a criminal defence lawyer who would more often than not help his clients usually alleged murderers reach a not-guilty verdict. The television show was based on the series of detective novels and stories by Erle Stanley Gardner, with Mason played by Raymond Burr in the original series as well as 26 TV movies filmed between 1985 and 1993. Between both Burr stints the character was revived for The New Perry Mason series in the mid 1970s starring Monte Markham.


When David E Kelley owned legal dramas

TV producer David E Kelley has created some of the most popular lawyer-centered television programmes over the last 30 years, with shows like L.A. Law, The Practice and Ally McBeal to his name. Arguably the most loved of his characters comes from one of his more recent credits, Boston Legal. The one-two punch of litigators and best friends Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader) gave the show lashings of heart and humour as well as plenty of inspirational closing speeches, all while wearing its social conscience on its sleeve.


Here at home

On the local front, in recent years we’ve seen some great productions with some terrific characters like the deeply flawed but brilliant and colourful Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) from Rake (who even got an American remake), and the equally brilliant Crown Prosecutor Janet King, from the legal drama / thriller of the same name. And we cannot forget the steely, intimidating Morag Bellingham QC from Home and Away, seemingly the only lawyer willing to represent the residents of Summer Bay. (Or maybe we can…)


TV lawyers are an exaggerated representation of a real life lawyer, with personal and professional stories heightened for the purpose of creating entertaining drama. While Melbourne lawyer Glenn Duker won’t display the same level of drama that you might see of your favourite characters on the small screen, he will certainly exhibit the utmost level of professionalism. Whether you’re looking for an experienced litigator, a specialist employment lawyer or you want to buy or sell a business, be sure to get in touch with Glenn Duker.

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