Glenn Duker

Glenn Duker lives a life driven by faith. Although an analytical person by nature (he is a lawyer and solicitor who runs his own highly successful law firm), Glenn has learned that in order to receive a God-given miracle, it is about having pure, almost childlike faith.

At the age of eighteen, Glenn received his own miracle: he experienced God’s supernatural power and met Jesus. After years of questioning many scriptural references and wishing that he could have tangible proof of his faith, Glenn finally knew, wholly and unequivocally, that salvation was real.


“It is by far the best thing that has ever happened in my life.” – Glenn on his experience of receiving the Holy Spirit


For nearly thirty years that experience has been Glenn’s primary inspiration for serving God. The Bible nominated evidence of speaking in tongues was an incredible experience for him to receive, and he is passionate about assisting others to have the same experience that he did.


Glenn Duker has subsequently received miraculous healings, prayed for many who have been miraculously healed, and spoken to so many more who have been healed by the power of God. The Bible’s truth is continually reinforced to him by God’s demonstration of the miraculous, and it is clear that one day Jesus will return to the earth (known colloquially as the Second Coming).


Glenn Duker is an active member of Revival Centres International, the same church that he has attended since 1989. He has previously been involved in missionary work in Papua New Guinea and is currently involved in missionary work in Africa. He always seeks out opportunities to share his story and enlighten others to be right with the Lord.


On this blog, Glenn Duker will share his stories about his Christian faith and the full “testimony” of what inspired him to serve God.

Glenn Duker

Glenn Duker