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About Glenn Duker, Solicitor

When Glenn Duker was a secondary student at Mentone Grammar, he was both a strong athlete with an intense competitive streak, and an equally as strong member of the school debating team. With that combination of fighting spirit and persuasiveness, it made perfect sense then that he would grow up to become a lawyer.


Duker graduated from Melbourne University in the mid 1990s with a combined degree in Arts and Law. His Christian upbringing and ‘fight for the underdog’ nature made the choice to become a lawyer quite natural. Upon graduation Glenn Duker began his career as a solicitor at Maddock Lonie Chisholm where he gained invaluable knowledge and experience in the fields of litigation, property law, commercial law and local government departments.


The Duker and Associates & Settle It Legal years

It wasn’t long before Glenn branched out on his own, forming Duker & Associates in the late 90s. The business was quite active in the closing years of the last century, with Glenn in charge of many successful trade mark cases. He then moved up to the Gold Coast of Queensland where he established Settle It Legal, a firm that aimed to settle disputes out of court through mediation before they resorted to litigation. It was an innovative approach that really dictated how Glenn Duker would practise from that point on.


Back to Melbourne

Eventually everyone finds their way back home, and it was no different for Duker. He returned to his hometown of Melbourne in recent years and founded PCL Lawyers, a firm that expertise primarily in commercial litigation as well as family and property law.


In addition to being a solicitor, Glenn Duker has also created and writes for lawbiznews.com.au, a blog that combines news and updates on the legal world with matters and issues of social value. It taps into Duker’s desire for people in less fortunate circumstances to have sufficient access to quality legal assistance when they require it.


With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Glenn Duker continues to provide super quality legal advice for domestic and commercial clients across Melbourne.

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